Personal Branding Photography

Starting a business is a busy time I know. There’s just so much to think about!


  So, once all the formalities are out of the way, it’s time to get you and your business out there.


 It’s time to build a brand.


And that’s when you realise the quality of your images really matters. You have an amazing business, right? Those images online simply have to match up.  They have to showcase your brand.


Images are a simple and powerful tool for your business.


Here comes the science:

Did you know we process images at warp speed? When we see a picture, our clever brain recognises a familiar face within 380 milliseconds. Now that’s probably faster than you can scroll through insta, right?


And that’s why it’s so important to have consistent images for your business across your website and socials. Recognition. This builds familiarity and trust. And as humans we do business with people we trust. 


We work together to tell your story.  Its’s your brand in pictures. The shoot will be designed to really ‘talk’ to your ideal customers so that when you create your next offer, clients will already be clamoring to Sign Up and work with you.


With my personal branding packages there is something that fits everybody.

A Branding Shoot? Me? Really?


Don't worry, I can hold your hand the whole way during the process. Its actually a really fun experience.

- All of my bookings include a complementary strategy session where we design your session based on the vibe of your brand.

- We talk about what type of images you need, how many and how you will use them.


- We nut out wardrobe, location, props and any other details well before shoot day so you are feeling relaxed and ready to go on the day! You can also download my  Branding Shoot Guide  which will give you loads more information about these things.

-Hair and makeup is not included in the sessions, but if you feel you want feel you want to get these done for the branding shoot  then I have a number of amazing women I can refer you to.

-During the photo session I will direct you on the most flattering ways to hold you body and what to do with your hands! (I may say bad jokes to make you laugh - knock knock).

-With in a few business days your chosen images will be available for digital download and you can update your website, srtart promoting yourself and attracting your ideal clients!

- Build the business of your dreams.

And I believe in the power of professional images so much that I offer my repeat clients a 10% discount on future Brand Booster and Ultimate Packages! 

What are you waiting for?

Lets connect and see where the conversation takes us...

The Fresh Sesh

Personal Branding Package

- From $500

This would suit people looking to update their brand with some website images along with a few social media images. 

-1 hr shoot

-1 location

-unlimited clothes change

-15 edited images via digital download

- Additional $40 for studio location

- Make up optional extra

The Brand Booster Sesh

Personal Branding Package

- From $800

The perfect session for people freshening up their branding story, with new images for the website and loads of images for social media.

- up to 2 hours shoot time

- unlimited clothes changes

- 40 edited images via digital download

- Additional $40/hr for studio location

- Make up optional extra

The Ultimate Sesh

Personal Branding Package

- From $1,200

What you need if your an active social media user. This will provide content for 3 to 6 months depending on your usage. Imagine the time you would save when you already have your own bank of images to refer to?

- up to 3 hours shoot time

- unlimited clothes changes

- 125 edited images via digital download

- Additional $40/hr for studio location

- Make up optional extra

Subscription Packages

- From $400

- Request a specific quote for your needs

I don't like to lock you in to a contract because I understand that things change every month, but I do offer a discount of the branding packages for ongoing work.

Some people may want a monthly shoot, or quarterly, so lets work out what you actually need and then go from there

- Additional $40 for studio location

- Make up optional extra