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Are you making these common branding and marketing mistakes?

Hiding behind a logo or slogan

Sorry if this might be a bit obvious coming from a photographer, but if you want to do business with people then you need to show them who you are, show yourself!Even if you don't want your face on everything, then please a least have a decent photo on your 'about me' page. This builds soo much trust and credibility with your audience, and in an age where people are bombarded with advertising we need to give people a reason to trust us.

If hiring a photographer is not in your realm at the moment then you can totally try it yourself, but just be mindful that the quality of the images you use are a direct reflection on how people will perceive the quality of your business.

Not building your network

In order to grow your brand you are going to need to make connections and create genuine relationships with your customers. This means getting yourself out there and going to as many networking events as you can.

I am involved in a couple of paid networking groups (BNI & Fusion Biz), but there are also free networking events and sundowners you can attend held by different industry groups. Even workshops or training events can be a networking opportunity. Get out there and start making connections! I get an increase in my followers after a networking event as there are so many more people to connect with.

Creating a unique personal brand and identity for your business involves time and ingenuity.

Your brand is what communicates who you are to your audience and what sets you apart from your competition.

Is it time you stepped up and started showing your audience who you are and how you can help them?



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