Professional Head Shots for your Business

With so much of todays business happening online, it's essential to have a professional online presence.


At the very least you should have a professional profile picture for social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

These headshots could also be used for your:

- Financial reports

- Annual reports

- Tenders

- Email banners

- LinkdIn profile

- Proposals

And just so you know, that doesn't have to mean a boring white wall.

Your head shot can be as individual as you. You don't have to stick to the status quo, lets have fun with it damn it!

If you want a bit more then just a headshot, then maybe have a look at my Personal Branding Packages.

Corporate Head Shot Packages include:

- 30 Minute shoot time

- 2 different outfits

- 3 final images via digital download 

- Starting at $300 for one person

Please contact me directly for an individual quote if there is more then one person.

Chris- Final Images_-5.jpg

Chris, CY Financial

Lanie did great work for our corporate photos. Some of the staff, myself included, feel a bit daunted by photo shoots. Lanie put us all at ease and produced some great work. I highly recommend.