Quickie Session

The concept of these sessions is if you have limited time or budget, you can still get the benefits of having awesome family photos without the fuss! How good is that!

This is great for families that have already invested in previous photo sessions and now just want a "quick' update on their portraits.

Basically, on a specific date (usually a few times a year) you have the opportunity to meet me for a ‘quick’ 15 minute photo session. You come in, I do my ‘clickety click’ thing, and then you go back home and wait for arrival of your amazing updated family photos. Its really that easy!

The gallery below shows you the type of images you can get in 15 minutes!


Or, if you want way more photos and way more time, then you might want to consider The Fresh Sesh instead.

Quickie Session Pricing

For the awesome price of $200 you get:

- 15 minutes shoot time

- 10 images available for digital download 

- Peace of mind knowing that you are a rockstar for finally getting those portraits done