Common Questions

What if the kids dont behave?

I know that one of the biggest hurdles for booking family photos is that you are

worried about how the kids are going to behave.

I am surprised by how many parents tell me how patient I am with their kids.

Basically if we are doing something thats not working, no point getting frustrated –

I just try something new, and continue to do this until we find something that works.

I am fully aware that your bundle of joy will become a devil in disguise when they become tired or bored, especially if we try to force them to smile . And remember that smiles – especially fake ones – don’t make a photo. Genuine emotion makes the photo, and they will automatically smile when they are happy anyway, just stop asking them to be!

Bribes/Treats can come in very handy when we need the cherubs to co-operate a little longer then they might want to (to be used only in emergencies).


So now you are well equipped to handle the kids on the day, if only the hubby was as easy…

How long will this take?

This depends on what adventure you choose!

My 'Quickie' Sesh is 15 minutes.

My Sunset Sesh is 30 minutes.


My Family Fresh Sesh will take approx 1-2 hours depending on how many people there are and the mood of the kids on the day! You should allow for up to three hours for newborn shots as bubs can require soothing, feeding and changing (!) in-between shots. But that’s OK, I’m in no hurry.

What should we wear?

A common question I get is ‘what should we wear?’. Well that depends on who your family is and what look you are going for in your photos.

Are you a casual beach family, or do want a more formal look to the photos? We can go through this in more detail in our pre-shoot consult but I thought I would put a few ideas out there to get you thinking.

–  Be comfortable. Dress the kids in something they have worn before so they are comfy and something that feels like you.

–  No logos, graphics or characters on the clothes as these can distract the eye when looking at the images and can also date the photos aswel.

–  Co-ordinate but don’t everyone wear all the same colour. Choose 2 – 3 for your colour pallette and everyone can wear something within that colour range, but no matchy matchy stuff.

–  To get the kids more interested in the shoot you could ask them to help choose their outfit. Be careful here though, it might be wise to give them a couple of options to choose from instead of letting them dress themselves entirely.

– Bring a spare change of clothes for the kids – just in case. Or you are more than welcome to bring a couple of changes of clothes to mix up the photos a bit, or if you are unsure of what looks good and you want my advice. Mums of younger toddlers will have ‘normal’ clothes for the girls for group/family shoots and then bring a more ‘dress up’ girlie outfit for the more casual shots. Little girls just love to dress up!

– Try to get hair cuts done at least a week before the shoot so it will look more natural on the day.

Whats the best time of day for photos?

As only natural light is used for your images the best time is day to get that golden hue is a couple of hours after sunrise or a couple of hours before sunset.

If its a newborn shoot then as we will be inside, the time depends on what works for mum and the bubs.

Whats the best location for our session?

Have you got an awesome back yard with verandah, fruit trees, cubby house and chickens? Or do you prefer to kick back at the beach?  We can chat about what location you think will work best for your family.

If we decide that your home is the best place, then when I arrive I’ll need to take a wander through your house to determine the best lighting/location etc   for the shots.

I’ve found the master bedroom is usually a great spot inside and then a sheltered or shady area in the garden for some outside shots. Obviously everyone’s house is different so don’t stress, we’ll find somewhere. Please just keep in mind, this may involve having to rearrange your furniture so we can best utilise the space.

What happens after the session?

For me the photo taking session is the fun part. The culling and editing part means getting down to business. You will receive the most amazing images from your day approx 10 -14 days after your session. 

If you think this is the kind of experience that you have been looking for then contact me right now to discuss organising a session for your family. Yes now, before you get distracted with what to cook for dinner or what time tee ball is on.

If you have any more questions then drop me a line! 

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