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Tips for an AWESOME photo session with kids

I know that one of the biggest hurdles for booking family photos is that you are worried about how the kids are going to behave.

I am sorry to say that whether you book now or wait a month/year/decade, there is a high probability that they are just going to behave they way they are – just like a kid!!

But the good news is I have been doing this long enough to know this already, so I am not expecting happy smiling angelic children. Dont get me wrong, all kids are different and depending on their ages, some sessions are smooth sailing all the way through.

But the rollercoaster of emotions of a lot of kids goes something like this:

Bubs has big tears in eyes but I am able to capture the genuine emotion at the time

  • start off a bit shy,
  • then warm up a bit and have some fun,
  • then get a bit tired,
  • then they get really tired and grumpy and then,
  • shut up the shop.

Check out this photo on the right –

This bubs was starting to get cranky and tired, you can see the tears in her eyes, but it is one of my favourite shots from the session.

You see a great photo is not all about smiles – its about genuine emotion and capturing it authentically as it happens. 

Please don’t get stressed/anxious that your kids are not playing the game. I have a big bag of tricks and a great level of patience, and I will keep shooting until the kids are over it and I am happy that I have the shoots that we need.

There are a couple of things that you can do that will help with getting the kids ready for the photo shoot:

1. If the kids sense you are uncomfortable or anxious they will pick up on this and feel the same way. You need to relax and the kids will also relax.

2. Involve them in some of the decision making process. Give them a choice of what they want to wear, or ask them if there are any props or special items that they might want to include. Sometimes if the kids have a favourite toy/teddy it could make the kids feel more at ease, and can give a more sentimental feel to the images with a good reminder of their childhood toys.

3. Talk positively about the photo taking session a week or so before hand so they get a bit excited and know what to expect on the day.

4. Make a booking time that you think will be suit your children, avoiding nap and meal times if possible.

5. Depending on the age of your kids, if we are location, bring plenty of snacks and drinks to keep the talent happy. Food is a good way to keep the tantrums at bay.

6. Bribes Treats can come in very handy when we need the cherubs to co-operate a little longer then they might want to (to be used only in emergencies).

So now you are well equipped to handle the kids on the day, if only the hubby was as easy…

Below, Lola is shy and hesitant to relax at the start of the session

But after a little while she didnt care too much about the camera and just went about being her playful self!

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